We have helped dozens of high-profile individuals and organisations to communicate clear, compelling and consistent messages that establish them as leaders in their field. 

Speechwriting is at the core of this service. With a focus on impact above all else, Speechwriting Plus can work with you through every stage of the process – coming up with a bespoke message, linking it to wider corporate objectives, and, most importantly, making sure that people remember what you say. 

We’ll work directly with you, with as much face-to-face time as you want. 

  • We’ll draft the speech in its entirety, from the rough beginning to the polished end product.
  • We’ll be by your side as you rehearse delivery.
  • We’ll attend the event itself, if you want, both to prepare you immediately before walking on stage and to gauge the mood in the audience.
  • We’ll meet you afterwards to discuss the impact of the speech and how to build on it.

Memorable speeches have allowed numerous businesspeople, politicians and philanthropists to set the agenda, rather than follow it. They all used a speechwriter. Why not join them?

Speech training

Public appearances can be tough. Don't waste time worrying - our training can help you approach speeches, presentations and media engagements with absolute confidence, safe in the knowledge that you know how to get the best out of your text.

We'll teach you how to remain calm and channel your nerves to good effect.

  • We'll help you get to the core of your speech - the one key message that needs to come across.
  • We'll show you how to create a real rapport with your audience, both with what you say and how you say it.
  • We'll give you advice on how to handle difficult questions and audiences

This is more than just ‘top tips’. It's a bespoke programme of training and coaching designed to fit your needs.  Whether you’re worried about speaking too fast, saying the wrong thing or facing hostile questions, we can make sure you present yourself in the best possible light.

Speaking strategy

In collaboration with you, and taking into account all your existing personal and corporate communications, we can help you to arrive at the very core of your message. It’ll be streamlined, memorable and persuasive. We will then work with you to identify the best speaking opportunities to exploit this message, helping to set key objectives and craft soundbites and tactics that will help you get achieve them.

The result will be a personal narrative that stands out in an increasingly cluttered media environment - the essence of executive communications.

Reports, briefings and corporate literature of all types can be ruined with jargon and unnecessary detail. At its worst, this can cast a shadow over the very points the documents were designed to highlight. 

We can write original copy - or edit existing text- and make your corporate messages clear, engaging and memorable. 

Corporate copy